• Tattoo By: Eric Rignall
  • Tattoo By: Ronen Bichacho
  • Tattoo By: Eddie Carrero
  • Tattoo By: Terry Tapp

This is Eric Rignall with an update on Inkstop's Manhattan location closing. The shop will be closed by the second week of July and I will be operating solo at a new location in Queens starting August 1, 2018. The new address will be 43–01 21st Street, Suite 224A, Long Island city NY 11101. The phone number will still be 212-995-2827 and the email address will still be inkstopnyc@gmail.com. To reach the other artists you can contact them directly from these links here.

Eddie Carrero can be reached at eddie_tattoos@yahoo.com
Ronen Bichacho can be reached at nomadstattoo@gmail.com
Terry Tapp can be reached at terrytapp@gmail.com

I want to say thank you so much for keeping Inkstop going all these years and being part of our life. Hopefully we will still see you, just in a new location.

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