Professional and Authentic Egyptian Tattoos

The Egyptians are among the first civilizations to use art to convey message and meaning. Generations later, Egyptians and enthusiasts of the culture are carrying on this tradition with Egyptian tattoos. Much like Mayan tattoos, Egyptian body art often represents a deep historical meaning while being aesthetically beautiful and eye-catching.

Ink Stop Tattoo is ready to design and apply your next Egyptian tattoo. With nearly 20 years of experience; safe, comfortable, clean and conveniently located facilities in NYC; and some of the most creative and capable artists in the industry, we are ready to help you bring your tattoo idea to life. Call our NYC tattoo shop today at 212-995-2827 to book your appointment.

A Full Range of Egyptian Tattoo Options

Egyptian tattoos have become a common form of body art for their cultural significance and striking beauty in equal measure. They appeal to customers of all ages and are a great way to honor an important civilization through a breathtaking and unique piece of art. Whether you’re looking for something simpler and more understated like a few hieroglyphs down your arm, or something more serious and substantial like the visage of a god on your back or chest, our experienced and creative artists have the resources and expertise to help you. We have a long an established history helping our clients realize their visions for their Egyptian tattoos. Contact us today for a consultation.

Collaborating with You on Your Egyptian Tattoo

Throughout our nearly two decades in business, Inkstop Tattoo has prided ourselves on our versatility and ability to collaborate with customers to give them exactly what they want. This combined with our approachable attitude and reasonable rates has made us the primer choice for customers in the East Village, Lower East Side and the rest of Manhattan. Whether you have a fully formed idea in mind for your Egyptian tattoos or you need a little artistic guidance, we will help you flesh out your concept and give you something truly unique and original. The artistic possibilities are endless, and we look forward to helping you design an option that reflects your tastes and aesthetic.

A Quality Service Experience

At Inkstop Tattoo, we understand that customers have their pick of NYC tattoo shops, and that they may be wondering what distinguishes us from other choices. With each customer and project, we strive to blend our creativity, experience and commitment to service in order to provide a truly satisfying experience. We are open seven days a week to accommodate a diverse range of schedules, and our commitment to cleanliness and sterilization is second to none. Inkstop offers some of the most competitive rates in the area. Call us at 212-995-2827 to book your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you at our NYC tattoo shop.