Book Your Next Octopus Tattoo with Us

Octopuses are some of the most mysterious and engaging creatures in nature. Known primarily for their astonishing intelligence and aggressively defensive nature, their unusual and interesting appearance have made them a common choice for our customers for years. When it comes time to book your next octopus tattoo, look no further than Inkstop Tattoo. With over 20 years of experience; safe, comfortable, clean and conveniently located facilities in NYC; and some of the most creative and capable artists in the industry, we are ready to help you bring your tattoo idea to life. Call our NYC shop today at 212-995-2827 to book your appointment.

Getting the Most Out of Your Octopus Tattoo

An octopus tattoo represents an opportunity for a truly unforgettable piece. There are limitless options to the contexts and backgrounds so we can give our customers a truly unique image. Your tattoo experience starts with a consultation where one of our experienced and qualified artists will work with you to design something you’ll love. If you already have a fully formed concept, we will work to bring that to life through our expertise and painstaking attention to detail. As beautiful as octopuses may be, there’s a fine line between a serious and engaging octopus tattoo and a cartoonish mistake. Let Inkstop prevent you from making that mistake.

An Endless Array of Choices

If there’s one thing that Inkstop has learned in our two decades in business, it’s that there are many different types of tattoo customers. Even those who come in looking for an octopus tattoo have incredibly varied tastes—this is one of the things we love about our business. Whether you’re looking for an understated image of an octopus floating serenely in the water or a more active image like a squid spraying its would-be predator with ink, we can help you bring your idea to life. Don’t settle for a lesser-quality or inexperienced tattoo shop. Let Inkstop handle your next octopus tattoo.

An All-Around Superior Experience

Since our establishment in 1997, Inkstop Tattoo has strived to provide not only the best tattoo experience; but also the best customer-service experience in general. In addition to next-level creative artists and meticulously sterilized facilities, we continue to offer some of the friendliest staff and most reasonable rates in the NYC area. Our attention to detail, fair and equitable deposit policy and ability to exceed our clients’ expectations on the finished product is what’s sustained us all these years. Our staff looks forward to serving you next. Call Inkstop Tattoo today at 212-995-2827 to book your next appointment at our NYC shop.