Get Your Tribal Tattoo at Inkstop

Tribal tattoos can either be a deeply personal statement of heritage or a bold artistic expression. When it comes time to book your appointment for your next tattoo, whether you want a tribal symbol or something a little more understated like a flower tattoo or a favorite quote, our artists will help you bring your vision to life and give you a vibrant, meaning and perfectly executed piece of body art. Don’t leave your next tattoo in the hands of an inexperienced artist. Call Inkstop today at 212-995-2827 to book your next appointment. We look forward to working with you on your next tattoo.

Bringing Your Tribal Symbol to Life

Even if you know exactly what type of tribal tattoo you’d like, there are still a number of variables that you may haven’t yet considered, including color, shading, placement and size. The experienced and professional artists at Inkstop Tattoo are ready to collaborate with you to design the perfect and most vibrant artwork just for you. The options for tribal tattoos are practically endless, however, if you rely on the wrong tattoo artist, you can wind up with something on your body that you just don’t like. We are committed to providing the best possible tattoo experience, from conception to execution.

A Clean and Comfortable Place for Your Next Tattoo Appointment

As much as we may look forward to it, getting a tattoo can also be rather stressful for some. Between the fear of pain, concern over sterility and everything else, the experience can quickly become inconvenient rather than enjoyable. Inkstop Tattoo provides the cleanest and most comfortable environment at our centrally located shop on the corner of 13th Avenue in NYC. For those who are concerned about cleanliness and infection control, Inkstop goes above and beyond to take the following precautions:

·      Board of Health Certification
·      New Needles for Every Customer
·      Weekly Autoclave Testing and More

We understand our customers’ concerns over safety, and we are committed to providing peace of mind and assurance. Come into our NYC shop today and see for yourself.

Customized Service and Artwork

Inkstop Tattoo will help you design a completely original tribal tattoo that will sit proudly on your body for the rest of your life. Whether you have a concept in mind already or you want to design something all on your own, we are fully prepared to help you. With over 20 years of experience, Inkstop has helped hundreds of customers realize their vision for their tribal tattoos. Call our NYC shop today at 212-995-2827 to schedule your appointment and to see what we can do for you. We look forward to seeing you in the chair.